Monthly Archives: November 2014

Lamu Cultural Festival 2014

Lamu Cultural Festival will take place end of this month amidst a curfew imposed by security authorities, which has not been lifted yet. The curfew was as a result of previous gun attack incidences reported in the county. The annual festival is organized by the … Read More

Hail Riakanau The ‘Legend’ Bus

Years after the invention of the wheel came Matatus (a name for public transport vehicles in Kenya ). Read about the origin here. As many of you may recall, Kenya Bus Service used to be the only mode of transport … Read More

Snakes and Bites: Bio-Ken Snake Farm at the Coast of Kenya

Many of us fear snakes while others hold them in some superstitious ways. However, I have come to learn that not all snakes are scary and…visiting snake park is fun too. So when I read about Bio-ken Snake Farm, ‘it … Read More