Lamu Cultural Festival 2015

Its that time of the Year when fun is just a bunch-full of donkey and dhow races. The place to be is Lamu County. There are definitely a number of  festivals you should never miss while in Lamu. The Eid held around July/August, The Annual Lamu Cultural Festival held every November, Shela NYD Dhow Race on New Year’s day, The Lamu Maulid Festival every January, Shela Hat Contest every February, Lamu Yoga Festival in March and Lamu Food Festival around April.

The 15th Annual Lamu Cultural Festival, Nov 26 to 29 2015


The Festival is held every November in Lamu County. Organized by the Lamu Cultural Promotion Group, it hosts an array of activities ranging from music performances, donkey races, traditional dances, handicraft display, dhow races, Swahili poetry competition, henna painting to bridal ceremonies.

Lamu is an old town that lies on the upper edge of the Kenyan coastline and has a very rich Swahili culture background. It was in-scripted as a World Heritage Site in 2001.

This Festival attracts many participants drawn from different parts of the world that come to experience the Island’s virgin beaches, magnificent architecture that dates a few centuries back, the rich Swahili culture and the wonderful hospitality of the people of Lamu as well as participate in some of these activities.

This Year’s event will be held on the 26th to 29th November 2015.

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