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5 Destinations in East Africa for Last Minute New Year’s Eve Celebrations

2016 is approaching and most of us will be celebrating with our friends and families. Especially for this occasion, experts from – Africa’s leading hotel-booking website – prepared their top 5 destinations for New Year’s Eve celebrations. 1. Entebbe … Read More

Mobile Money and the Travel Industry in East Africa

In March, 2007 when mobile money first made its debut in East Africa via Mpesa, the world was astonished at the advances Kenya had made. Nobody thought it would get as big as it is, or even that other countries … Read More

Upcoming Rwanda Events

If Kigali is your destination for this holiday period then you are in luck. Thanks to an eclectic mix of expatriates and locals that love to party. If you need to book your stay, has a wide selection of … Read More

Voluntourism: How to do it Right

Voluntourism is becoming increasingly popular. Young people all over the world are waking up to the realities of what is going on in the world and they want to make a change. More and more university students are using their … Read More

6 Places in Kenya to Spend Your Weekend Actively

Weekend getaways improve our frame of mind. We feel better, happier and more rested after a day or two in a different environment. What also serves us well is sport and movement. Those two aspects taken together can load our … Read More

Going On a Cruise? 6 Tips to See You through the Waters!

We are a happy lot in Kenya; a third cruise ship has docked on our waters to coincide with the popular holiday season. While these sea wanderers may be headed to the mountains, valleys and savannahs, we cannot dismiss the … Read More

Five Reasons to Never Visit Rwanda

The land of a thousand hills is quite a bore if you ever thought about it. Kigali has been described as one of the most beautiful cities in the world by people who were obviously out of their minds. Here … Read More

Five Gifts for the Constant Traveler

Last minute Christmas gift shopping is what makes the season so special. There’s no need to be anxious about what to get for your friend who is always on the road. Here are five perfect gifts for the constant traveler. … Read More