Monthly Archives: February 2016

Going it Alone: Being a Successful Solo Traveler in Kenya

I know it sounds creepy, challenging and almost impossible, but it is very easy. It takes an avid traveler with guts. You don’t have to be of specific gender. Many aspiring travelers think solo travel is boring, lonely and dangerous. … Read More

Booking your Hotel Online

Online booking is the new front in the hospitality industry. Gone are the days when travel agencies were the main players in the tourism sector. The far reaching changes by online booking portal like Jovago.come  and similar, has become a … Read More

Jovago launches #KenyaYetu

Nairobi, 25 February 2016 – Mountains and the ocean. Busy cities and lushy savannas. Beaches and forests. Kenya has it all and we know it. The number of domestic tourists grows every year and according to Kenya Tourism Board, it … Read More

African Cuisines; Top Picks

Just like the whole continent, African cuisine is full of variety too. Depending on the region, the food is spicy or mild. Starting from quick snacks, like rolex in Uganda, chips mayai in Tanzania or biltong in South Africa, to … Read More

Uganda a Bird Paradise

There are over 10, 000 bird species in the world according to BirdLife International and the of those 1,000 species can be found in Uganda not counting the other species that have not been yet discovered. Birds are wondrous creatures … Read More

Uganda Reptile Village

There is a little place hidden straight off the Kampala –Entebbe highway that only the brave dare go to, a place filled with things that the brave love frolicking with. With lush green gardens, you will not expect to be … Read More

Destination of the Week: Lamu Island

Visiting Lamu Island is, with no doubts, an unforgettable experience. The island is located in the Northern part of the Kenyan coast and is one of the main attraction for tourists visiting East Africa. Travel specialists from looked into … Read More

#WhatsNext Travel Tech ; Wednesday 24th Feb at Sankara Nairobi

Travel and Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries globally with estimated 1.1 billion international arrivals annually and offering a source of livelihood to over 260 million people. According to a 2013 estimate, its global economic contribution stood at … Read More