Monthly Archives: March 2016

Destination of the week: Malindi

Known for its white beaches and great tourist infrastructure, Malindi remains one of top Kenyan holiday places for both foreigners and locals. Tourism is a major business in the city and supports the bigger part of small local enterprises. While … Read More

Unwinding and Relaxing at The Kampala Serena Maisha Spa

“To a mind that is still, the whole world surrenders…”- Anon. After weeks or days of working and tiring your brain out, at times it will become too much for your body. The more you work without a moment to … Read More

Indulging Katogo Cravings

Katogo is one of the most cooked dishes in Uganda especially in Kampala. The city has a number of different tribes from different regions of the country, yet when it comes to breakfast everyone agrees on two things, katogo or … Read More

Handling The Kampala Heatwave

Kampala has been experiencing a heavy heatwave for the past few months with a little rain here and there for some days, then right back to the heat. A heat wave is an extended period of extreme heat, often accompanied … Read More

Top East Africa’s Watersport Spots

The East African region is a gateway to several water bodies. Blessed with nature’s finest rivers, lakes and even an ocean. They are not just ‘water’ but favorite spots to engage in various activities. From windsurfing, to deep sea diving … Read More

Four Mountains to Conquer in Kenya

Trekking and mountain climbing are one of the most exciting sport activities. Who does not like seeing the world from above where everything seems to be so small and innocent? Mount Menengai 10 km north of Nakuru one have a … Read More

Dealing With Jet Lag

Traveling is such a fun experience but can be very hectic especially if you are a flyer moving from one time zone to another. The tiring effect on your body usually lead to jet lag. Jet lag can be simply … Read More

Destination of the week: Hell’s Gate National Park

The intense geothermal activity within the park’s boundaries resulted in it’s unique name. Because of the heat and spectacular cliffs, today Hell’s Gate is one of the most unique and top attractions in Kenya. Located in a close distance to … Read More