Monthly Archives: April 2016

Jovago’s Hospitality Report reveals Uganda’s Tourism Potential

Kampala, Uganda – The 28th of April, 2016. A fascinating survey into Uganda’s evolving hospitality sector by, Africa’s leading hotel online booking platform, has revealed the latest traveler trends across the country. “ Uganda has the potential to grow … Read More

Travel Health: 7 Tips to a Happy Ending

Health and tourism are connected in many ways; from travelers going off on vacations in search of psychological refreshment to medical tourism and the uniquely independent topic on diseases and travel. The latter has in recent years gained more attention … Read More

The Best Hotel Views In Uganda

Who does not want to go to a hotel and have a beautiful view of their surroundings from their room? You look through the window or stand on your patio with a view that relaxes your mind and gives meaning … Read More

Kenya to Torch 105-ton Ivory Stockpile

During the burning of 15 tons of elephant tusks on World Wildlife Day 2015 President Uhuru Kenyatta said, “Our commitment to save our great species especially the elephant and the rhino, remain as strong as ever,” In the spirit of … Read More

Celebrating Workers Day; 5 of the Best Getaway Tips

May Day is coming and I can’t help but smile at the truth in Dinah Washington’s, what difference a day makes; that little 24 hours that almost serves as a common denominator for both the super powerful nations as well … Read More

Top Seven Essentials that Should Not Miss in any Traveler’s Rucksack

While carrying copies of travel documents and keeping your handy bills on-body-storage make the top commandments for most travelers, there are other fundamental basics that could make or break, even kill your holiday. From gangs of protozoa in seemingly pure … Read More

Exploring East Africa’s Finest

Beauty beyond measure is what nature and if you have never explored the treasures that East Africa has to offer to you with the new 90 day free visa that can take you through all member countries, here are a … Read More

Technology and Travel: Why Hotels cannot afford to be Left Out

At Accor Hotels, guest check-in begins two days ahead of time; with a personalized SMS reminding the guest to prepare their check-in nitty-gritty for a smooth and faster process. On the morning of the check-in date, this technology enabled service … Read More