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Tantalizing Travels; Ten foods you must sample at the Kenyan Coast

According to Wikipedia, food is said to rank alongside climate, accommodation and scenery. It’s a make or break aspect for most tourists, which has given a boost to growth in culinary tourism. The Kenyan coast can be said to be … Read More

Frugal vs Cheapskate: 5 Tips on how to save for the big vacation

Just to clear things up, frugal does not equal cheapskate. While frugal revolves around getting the most value on every cent spent, cheapskate can be downright self-sabotage. For instance, if you are always looking for shared hostel facility without really … Read More

Six Travel Forecast Trends: This is How You’ll Travel in Future

Travel has through the last century evolved in all its various aspects; from transport and transfers to booking and boarding and actual hotel architectural design. For instance, the 1900s saw the grand caravans and horse tram give way to locomotives … Read More

Coupling: Six Active Adventures for a Superb Getaway

Tell you from experience, nothing brings in the Zen on a romantic date, than a natural encounter with virgin, unadulterated nature. You can opt to catch the shadows and secrets of a setting sun, dine in the bush as you … Read More

Celebrating Uganda Martyrs

Every 3rd of June is a very special day for Christians in Uganda and several others from the neighboring regions. Thousands of faithfuls trek from their homes to reenact the journey to the Namugongo shrines, the same way the martyrs … Read More

How To Create Social Media Content That Works For You

The markets seem to be all bent on bringing home the Millennial; this generation, among many accusations seem to have insatiable capacity for all things digital, and have no qualms with testing out products and services, just for “the experience”. … Read More

Tips for Traveling as a Couple

When you watch several romantic comedies, they give you a very beautiful and so adorable image of couples traveling together and this makes you envision a lot of things as you plan to travel. Reality check, it’s never as the … Read More

Fuss-free Travels: Six Tips for Baby Meal-planning and Co-sleeping

Traveling with a baby brings in a totally different experience from journeying around with an older child or even a teenager. Apart from the need to tuck in a change of diapers and set of bibs, there are new considerations … Read More