Monthly Archives: June 2016

Masaku 7s is Coming, and All The Places You Can Visit

The rugby season is arguably one of the major sport tourism high seasons on the Kenyan calendar; with fans traversing the country’s pitches in search of adrenaline-laden action from our teams. Top of the season this July is Masaku 7s, … Read More

The Dream For An Open Visa Policy in Africa For Africans

One day, you make up your mind and decide to travel and see the rest of the world plus what it has to offer far away from home. This seems like a wonderful idea and the best way to learn … Read More

Most Annoying Passenger Behaviors on Flights

I bet you fly economy? So do I. If not, I must tell you its a village of serious problems over there sometimes. Below is a list of experiences inconsiderate passengers find good to cultivate on, at the expense of … Read More

Making It Vital For Children To Appreciate Nature

Think back to the first day you saw monkeys when you were a child or the first time they let you wander off alone when you went to visit your grandparents. Children’s minds are filled with wonder; they do not … Read More

Jumia Becomes Africa’s One Stop Online Destination

Africa Internet Group is today connecting its companies into Jumia’s ecosystem with a new vision, “Expand your horizons”. The new Jumia ecosystem will give access to products and services from its 9 leading platforms. After 4 years of successfully establishing … Read More

The Five Roles of PR during Corporate Re-branding

In many ways, when a company re-brands, there’s bound to be a new phase of PR campaign that may involve dealing with both internal and external communication, to make sure that all involved stakeholders are speaking the same language and … Read More

How To Be Accommodating During Ramadan For Non- Muslims

Living in a multi- religious society sometimes can breed misunderstandings, but it does not have to be that way. We have to learn how to accommodate other people’s beliefs and be understanding in situations where they put their beliefs ahead. … Read More

Top 5 Guidelines for Travelers during the Holy Month of Ramadan

Ramadan, the Holy Month is celebrated every 9th month of the Islamic calendar. The celebration of Ramadan calls for a few changes in any household, residence and even corporate organization. If you are traveling this season, has listed five … Read More