Monthly Archives: July 2016

Choosing the Best Tour Guide/Operator

A tour guide and tour operator can make or break your journey; they are at the core of your trip and making an excellent choice will be a good step in ensuring great reaping. Jumia Travel explores handy tips to … Read More

Six Guides to Becoming a Green Traveler

There are several descriptions and terms to what green traveling is; but to break this down to its basic meaning, green traveling advocates for minimal disruption of the ecosystem, respect to cultural values at your destination, responsible and ethical behavior, … Read More

Getting Acquainted With Nairobi

Whispers about realization of Julius Nyerere’s East African integration dream into one borderless region, are making rounds in our country – Uganda. The concept of freely traveling through Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania the way you travel from Kampala … Read More


The Mara Migration, and Other Kenyan Epics

From snow capped mountains, to sun-drenched beaches and picturesque valleys, Kenya’s attractions are definitely a world leader. Among its feted destinations include Diani – twice voted as the continent’s best beach, it’s wild safaris across vast grasslands bursting with both … Read More

Flash Packing or Ultralight Packing; Six Tips you’ll Need on the Road

Backpacking as a model of travel attracts a manifold of interpretations depending on an individual’s experience, or as described in travel journals. However, one common belief for the free spirited travelers who chose to hit the road with their life … Read More

Top 15 Most Popular Travel Hashtags

Did you know that the first hashtag appeared on Twitter in August 2007? It was proposed by open source advocate Chris Messina as a means of tagging subjects of interest on social media platform. That said, it didn’t really catch … Read More

African Airlines Connecting The Skies of Africa

For most frequent travelers, it is not just about how fast they can get to their destination especially when flying but it is about quality of the service offered after booking, on flight and of course upon arrival. In most … Read More

Fighting The Never Ending Battle of Deforestation

Over the years, the thick vegetation that was covering the countryside of Uganda has gone down by almost 50%. Every year, the country loses a huge chunk of forests is lost to encroachers which has created an imbalance in the … Read More