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How to Make the Most Out of a Safari: 5 Tips

When you’re trying to plan the perfect vacation abroad, there are certain elements to consider that will make things much more enjoyable. Taking a safari adventure is just about the best fun you can have when traveling to another country, … Read More

Attracting Individual Domestic Investors into Tourism

Just a glance at Kenya’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for 2016, one cannot miss the glaring shadow cast on Travel and Tourism. At 4% contribution to the country’s GDP, the sector takes up a major fraction of the economy, and … Read More

Kenya Tourism Board Exhibiting at Bride and Groom Expo 2018 Uganda

Kenya is participating in the Bride and Groom Expo 2018 in Uganda which begins today, Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th June 2018 at the UMA Exhibition Hall. Kenya is seeking to achieve top of mind awareness of her tourism offering … Read More

Importance of Innovation and Digitalization in Growing Tourism

Digital transformation has solemnly grasped the tourism industry, increasingly altering operations and customer relations in a sector that contributed 3.7% to Kenya’s GDP in 2017 and forecast to rise by 5.2% in 2018. The industry is experiencing a great deal … Read More

Using Technological Solutions to Drive Revenue

Case Study: The Zehneria Portico | Kenya is largely viewed as a leisure destination. However, as Kenya takes on the new identity of being East Africa’s economic hub, it is continually molding into a business destination. Additionally, Kenya is globally … Read More

Where to go Yurt Glamping in Oregon

We know them as Manyatta in Kenya; those circular structures common in the Eastern Province and among the Nomadic people in the country. They are simple thatched homesteads that bring about the cultural feel of a clan. Synonymous with Africa, … Read More

Road Trip Ideas for this Long Madaraka Weekend

Nothing gets Kenyans more excited than a long weekend from work and all the hustles of life; and this Madaraka Weekend is just one of those. As we celebrate 55 years of internal self-rule, there is no better way than … Read More