Rapids Camp Sagana – The Ultimate Adrenaline-Central Spot in Kenya

Camping is most definitely one of those activities that I always look forward to but when it comes along with heart popping activities, it’s always a plus and especially when doing it with my favorite gang.

Not so far away from Sagana town, sounds of water whooshing, gushing and pushing over the rocks alongside birds chirping welcome you to the incredible Rapids Camps Sagana.

An array of natural beauty and picturesque corners simply describes the camp’s setting.

This home of adrenaline pumping activities is strategically tucked along the banks of river Sagana, an absolute natural spot that should be on your travel bucket list.

It’s also the ultimate place for solo and groups outdoor camping.

A short brief before Kayaking.

The camp is easily accessible along Nairobi – Nyeri highway between Makutano and Sagana. It hosts a wide range of water activities, team building, rock climbing, bungee jumping and zip lining. The rates are very pocket friendly.

A smooth sail before the Waterfall Challenge

If you are ready to overcome fear and have some adrenaline junkie spirit in you, I would love to recommend you my favorite activities starter pack – The camp’s Adrenaline Junkie Package has all you would be looking for and include; Kayaking, Waterfall Challenge and the Plunge coupled up with full board accommodation.

Waterfall challenge most thrilling.

You can opt for a Day or 2 days package and confirm current rates directly with the camp or via your preferred travel agent. It’s always fun facing the intimidating waters with friends. Don’t leave them behind.

My Favorite Gang

There is plenty of gear at the camp to keep you safe in the water. In order to take part in water activities, you have to be fully dressed in a helmet and life jacket. That, along with heeding to instructions from the guide, you are good to go.

The Waterfall Plunge

So if you have time, head out to Rapids Camp and face your fears. You’ll love the experience. The Plunge was the most epic, the Waterfall challenge most thrilling and Kayaking was exceptional.

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