Kibuli Mosque: More Than A Beautiful View

Towering over 1,211 above sea level, Kibuli hill is among the several hills that make up Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. The hill is located a few minutes from lake victoria, and if you are at the top you … Read More

Does Having Foreign PR Firms Necessarily Improve Uganda’s Tourism Sector

Recently, the Uganda Tourism Board hired three foreign Public Relation firms that will be assisting it to run campaigns in their respective countries, the firms; KPRN that will handle the German market in Europe, PHG Consulting in North America and … Read More

What’s Happening Uganda?

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Uganda: The Budget Traveler’s Haven

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A weekend in Gisenyi

When you think of Rwanda, what comes to mind? Probably the rolling hills, dense forest canopies and winding roads? Unknown to many is the best kept secret of Gisenyi about 200kilometres North-West of Kigali. The little town is just 1.3kilometres … Read More

Uganda: An Adrenalin Seeker’s Dream

When you think of Uganda, what comes to mind? Beautiful beaches in Entebbe, amazing wildlife at Queen Elizabeth National Park and crater-lake camping at Fort Portal. As much as all these depict the travelers’ image of Uganda, there is a … Read More

Six Must Visit Breath taking Falls in East Africa

Beside world renowned beaches, culture and wildlife, East Africa also has one unique feature that should be accorded more buzz on travelogues and tourist journals; it’s the tens of stunning waterfalls that mark territorial borders, breeding grounds for rare and … Read More