Mount Kenya


Easter weekend travel by Kenyans in Kenya

Nairobi, 13th April – A survey by Jumia Travel focusing on travel trends for the Easter weekend, indicate that despite the constraints on the economy, local tourism continues to make its mark with Kenyans still ‘beach-bound’ for the Easter weekend. … Read More

Four Mountains to Conquer in Kenya

Trekking and mountain climbing are one of the most exciting sport activities. Who does not like seeing the world from above where everything seems to be so small and innocent? Mount Menengai 10 km north of Nakuru one have a … Read More

Destination of the Week: Meru and It’s Neighborhood

270 km north-west from Nairobi, one can find a city that is a gate to attractions like Mount Kenya, Samburu National Reserve or Buffalo Springs National Reserves. That city is Meru. Located in a heart of Kenya, with its 250,000 … Read More

Madaraka day Ultimate Escape Plan

Every 1st June, Kenyans from all walks of life come together to celebrate Madaraka day. As the first national holiday of the year, Madaraka day is marked with lots of patriotism and pride as Kenyans reflect on their achievements since … Read More